Town Center, Hadera

First prize at a competition, 2002
Scope Samuel St. and its perimeters

The project is a part of an overall approach for the renewal of Hadera's thoroughfare.
The winning proposal combines principles that aim to boost the image of the street. The process is comprised of several stages – many of which have already been implemented.

The first stage, which has already been carried out, is the renewal of Samuel St, including essential diversions of traffic, in the framework of which two cul-de-sacs were connected into a two-way street. In addition, the section of the street was changed and a new architectural language was created, combining various elements: street lights, benches, green patches and wide pavements, marking the street as a pedestrian-friendly zone.

The project includes the development of the square, transforming it into a vibrant area. The spaces of the square were revised to include shaded sitting areas and areas for cafes and other public activities. In addition, small commercial spaces were designed to enrich local activity.

At the same time, an architectural language was suggested for the physical renewal of the buildings on the sides of the street, including buildings for preservation.