Sokolov St. Site, Herzliya

Commissioned Herzliya Municipality
Scope Approximately 106 acres
Status Implemented, 1993-2001

The project won first prize at a public competition and presents principles for the revival and renewal of Herzliya's urban center. The essences of the urban design were transformed into a plan for the street and its surroundings, including instructions for the design of the street facades and the architectural language it displays.

In the framework of the project, the street's central square was re-designed and the great synagogue was renewed and preserved (adhering to Richard Kaufman's original design). These renovations were followed by changes in the flow of traffic on Hen Boulevard as a part of its transformation into a central pedestrian zone.

The project's architectural language reflects the history of the town: a combination of eolianite, the water system, the orchard, photos from the town's first days, and more. In addition, a zoning plan was prepared and approved for the area of the historical municipal building.

The suggested site plan includes diverse uses: a residential area, commercial spaces and the city hall building for preservation encompassing the square. The municipal building square serves as one of Sokolov Street's primary foci of activity.