Ramot Gimel, Beer Sheva

Commissioned Ministry of Housing and Construction and Israel Land Authority
Scope 16,500 housing units, 7,800 acres
Status Validation, 2007

The plan for the urban quarter constitutes the northern part of the Be'er Sheva metropolis.

The quarter is located near the northern entrance to the city and is significant due to its function as a city "gate". The building and division of sites throughout the quarter are adapted to the transverse topography of the ground and succeed in lending fabric consistency to the entire area.

The quarter contains public buildings, commerce and tourism that are all interwoven into residential areas and a center. The area is divided into 8 sites, enabling gradual development. One of the sites (that includes 2000 housing units) was planned in detail, including a pilot of a transportation moderating system and a natural water preservation system, in public spaces as well as in the plots allocated for housing units.