Mergoza St. Quarter and Building Renewal, Yafo

Commissioned Israel Land Authority, Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality
Scope Approximately 1050 housing units and commercial space of 120,000 sq m
Status 1990-1995

The site is located east of ancient Yafo, west of Sderot Yerushalaim and south of Yehuda Yamit St. Mergoza St. and its surroundings constitute the "backyard" of ancient Yafo and connect various parts of the city. The complexity of the site is expressed in its various uses: residence, offices, industry, market, public functions and open spaces.

The site plan, which constituted an attachment to the zoning, tied all the functions of the site into one urban fabric. The missing "islands" were filled, pavements and roads were connected and construction rights were offered to complete the buildings and lend "edges" to the streets.

A method was developed to enable the reception of building permits in a 3 dimensional way, in addition to the development of an architectural language and adherence to strict building instructions in the area adjacent to Yafo as well as in other urban zones.

In addition, plans were outlined for the renovation of other buildings for preservation. The plans included fortification of the existing structures as well as essential changes to the buildings' interior organization, whilst maintaining the details and architectural language of the local construction.

The project was carried out in cooperation with architect Danny Lazar.