Junior High School, Taiybe

Commissioned Taiybe Municipality
Scope 16 classrooms and additional spaces
Status Implemented, 2007

The school was built on a plot with marked slopes. The classrooms encompass terraced courtyards, combining motifs of local architecture. The amphitheatre-shaped courtyards were designed to host gatherings and school events.

The school facade is covered with stone and blends in with the existing fabric, whereas all the walls that face the courtyards are covered with colored plaster.

The circulation system is comprised of a horizontal axis that connects the entrance to the first courtyard and a vertical axis that connect the different floors of the buildings. The ability to move through the open staircase and into the courtyard allows excellent access to all parts of the building.

The architectural language was designed for construction in stages: the joints that separate the different construction stages serve the circulation system and are painted to match the interior walls.