High School, Nes Ziona

Commissioned Ness Ziona Municipality
Scope 36 classrooms and additional spaces, approx. 9,000 sq m
Status Implemented, 2012

The school was planned around a main "corridor" surrounded by classrooms. The corridor is positioned on an elevated space, making it accessible to all parts of the building and the courtyard.

The street, stretching from the lobby to the sports hall, is rounded and its roof has a sky window, allowing a view over the classroom courtyards. The street's walls and linearity turn in into an "open-air" museum in which the works of the students are displayed. The "main street" opens into a communal courtyard, demarcated by a line of cypresses and by the school walls.

The classrooms are organized around interior multi-purpose spaces, open to the yards that are naturally lower due to the site's topography and contain shaded tribunes. The building's division into classrooms with "addresses" that are connected to a "main street" allows the needed intimacy to each age group, while also offering communal spaces. This planning created complex relations between the various parts of the building as well as between internal and external part.