High School, Nes Tziona

First Prize at a competition, 2003
Status 36 classes and additional spaces,

The school is located on the eastern side of Nordau St., with Ness Ziona's first school – which was converted into Beit HaRishonim – on its western side. The location thus symbolizes the continuity of the town's legacy of education and culture.

Further down on Nordau St., the main path axis connects to its "homes" – the different age groups. Each home includes 12 classrooms and additional spaces, with a multi-purpose space for diverse activities at its center. The space opens into a private courtyard for each age group.

All the communal functions – labs and computer and art rooms – are situated along the main path and serve all "homes" in the most effective manner.

The competition emphasizes the connection to the Jewish settlement and the Israeli landscape. Therefore, the plan suggested a garden-orchard with local trees – a line of cypresses – as well as local flora and agriculture.

The colonnade and watchtower, in addition to the school building and the square, create a courtyard for the unique garden which will enrich the school's educational functions.