Government Complex

Second Prize at a competition, 2010
Scope 200,000 sq m

"Kiriat hamemshala", is presently situated in different, disconnected buildings and the site will soon be transformed into an urban center and a vibrant locus of activity. The addition to the historic buildings (planned by Yosef Klarvine) will create a new urban space, connecting the museums and the government ministries.

The new site will serve as a linear park, with "entrance gates" to the government ministries on one side and "balconies" overlooking the view and the museums on the other.

The architectural language is marked by the new blocs that are "placed" on a commercial level on the edge of the park. Kiryat HaMemshala will be more accessible to the public and at the same time enable more restricted zones for the government ministries.

The proposal was presented in cooperation with architect Peter Kenan.