Elementary School, Tayibe

Commissioned Tayibe Municipality
Scope 18 classrooms, 7 acres
Status Implemented, 2004

The school blends into the existing urban fabric and opens into the local square and street. An emphasis was put on the creation of a "space" that lends a sense of identity and community.

The building's placement on an irregular plot – mostly in one story – was adapted to the uses of the younger age groups, creating exterior and interior areas for the different groups, with a joint courtyard located at a central place in the movement system.

The school's buildings enclose court yards, adapted to the Mediterranean climate and combining motifs of local architecture: domes, patios, shading pergolas and other elements of shading.

The building's architectural language blends stone, colored plaster, painted industrial mashrabiyas and steel. The combination of materials expresses the mixture of natural elements – the stone construction grows from the ground, with the surfaces of colored plaster, typical of Mediterranean construction and steel characteristic of present-day architecture.

The study spaces embed a variety of solutions, allowing frontal instruction, group study, work corners for special projects and adaptation to computer systems.

The design of the buildings is modest, challenging the institutional aim and adapted to the different age groups in scale and in shades.

Despite the project's modest budget, it shows the greatest attention to detail and makes use of the most durable materials.