Education Center, Ramat Efal, Ramat Gan

Public architectural competition, 2012
Scope 36 classrooms + community functions

The suggested construction presents a combined system of pavements and other functions that will merge into the Ef'al seminar for education and culture.

A "cultural street" will lead to three primary locations: the entrance to Tel HaShomer Hospital, the train station and the Ramat Ef'al junction.

The street will serve various roles, and will include sports hall, shops, galleries, library and information management center.

The "culture square" will be situated in the middle of the street and will be surrounded by the school rooms.

An "inner street" (parallel to the public "culture street") will tie all the wings of the building. The school building will enhance the green surroundings: its north-south axis, ventilation openings, hothouses, echo pool, patches and natural garden, solutions for the preservation and penetration of water, shading and additional elements – will all enrich the new environment.

The proposal was submitted in cooperation with Guy Uretsky, Polina Broitman, Hani Nitzan and Shelly Siman Tov.