City Entrance Site, Jerusalem

Public architectural competition, 2008
Scope 210,000 sq m, approximately 120 acres

The site plan creates a "space" at the entrance to the city, at a place which is presently a no-man's land. A square was designed to serve as the beating heart of the site, connecting Binyanei HaUma to the presently-constructed train station. A stadium-like structure will "embrace" the square and host a diversity of activities.

The great urban boulevard will "flow" into the square, whereas the new business park will be integrated into Sacker Park, as will the Emek HaArazim, Lifta. Multi-functional spaces will be situated on both sides of the boulevards, including residential and commercial areas, hotels, offices and cultural venues. An urban landmark in the shape of a 40-story tower will stand at the edge of the park, at the junction of Herzl Blvd., Rabin Blvd. and Begin Road.

The suggested architectural language includes a concoction of old and new: both a steel building and the Jerusalem-stone walls will encompass the square. The combination of the two symbolizes the present-day architecture of the historic city.

The proposal was submitted in cooperation with Yaar Architects.