Korin Architects

Korin Architects was established by Yechiel Korin in 1985. From its inception, the firm was involved in various architectural fields: town planning, urban renewal, public buildings, residential housing and commercial buildings.

In the field of urban design, the firm is involved in projects of various scopes: from individual streets to entire towns and their surroundings.

In the field of urban renewal, the firm specializes in the revitalization of urban centers: development plans for thoroughfares (e.g. in Herzeliya, Hadera, Ness Ziona and others), squares and urban renewal plans. All these renewal plans serve to strengthen and improve stagnating urban parts and reorganize them into a revitalized urban fabric.

In the field of individual buildings, the firm has numerous areas of expertise: public and educational institutions, rehabilitation and preservation, community centers and halls, residential blocks, private homes and interior design.

The planning and implementation emphasize the need to maintain the harmony with the existing urban fabric: the building should be a part of the street or alley, and serves as one of the "actors" who stage the overall urban theatre. The street, square and alley may even be found inside the building as all the elements continue and nurture each other.

The knowledge and experience that the firm has acquired in numerous fields contributes to the in-depth understanding of all stages of planning and implementation: from a comprehensive view of the planning process and down to the smallest details. The Korin Architects team ensures the highest level of service and personal attention.

In addition to his dedicated architectural practice, Yechiel Korin has served as a senior lecturer at Tel Aviv University's School of Architecture, from its establishment until the present day. The connection between practice and academia has been conducive to the firm's creative process and contributes much to the wealth of its architectural planning.